Build a solid safety bottom line and improve the emergency response ability of vaccine quality and safety incidents

On November 6, the “Emergency drill for the 2020 Liaoning Vaccine quality and Safety incident” sponsored by the Liaoning Provincial Drug Administration was successfully held in the Liaoning Trade Union Building. Liaoning Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. attached great importance to, closely cooperated and actively participated, and was highly appraised by the leaders of the State Drug Administration and experts from the Safety Emergency drill Center of the State Drug Administration.

This exercise adopts the combination of on-site simulation and video display to study and communicate with the decision-making and disposal measures after the IV-level response to general vaccine quality and safety incidents, subject by subject and level by level, so that our company can get a good exercise in dealing with vaccine quality and safety incidents, which is helpful to the self-examination and self-examination of all aspects in the process of vaccine storage and distribution and enhance our company’s sense of responsibility and vigilance in dealing with emergencies at all times.

As a large-scale pharmaceutical circulation enterprise in Liaoning province, our company obtained the qualification of “engaged in entrusted storage and distribution of drugs” in 2017, and maintained a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with a number of domestic vaccine production enterprises. Our distribution network is mature and the quality system is sound. At present, our company’s special storage for vaccine reaches 2220 cubic meters, and the reserve warehouse is 3840 cubic meters. The cold storage maintains a storage environment of 2-8 degrees Celsius throughout the year, is equipped with a perfect storage and matching system and personnel management system, and has established a full-process supervision network. Ensure the seamless docking of cold chain products from storage to storage and then to distribution.

The quality and safety of the vaccine is related to the health and safety of the people. In the future, our company will continue to perform the duties of vaccine circulation management with the most stringent attitude and stringent management, constantly improve the emergency management system, enhance vaccine risk management and emergency management capabilities, improve the level of vaccine supply security, and make greater contributions to creating a drug safety environment and enhancing people’s sense of achievement, well-being and sense of security.