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Dedicate to the 20th CPC National Congress and pursue a new journey of dreams | warmly celebrate the official launch of SPH (Liaoning) Medical Apparatus and Instruments Co., Ltd.

On the morning of October 8, the opening ceremony of SPH (Liaoning) Medical Apparatus and Instruments Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “medical apparatus and instruments company”) was successfully held in Shenyang Longteng Times Industrial Park. Yuan Kehua, general manager of Liaoning Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation., Wang Yan, general manager of SPH (Liaoning) Medical apparatus and instruments Co., Ltd, Li Jing, deputy general manager, and Xu Guangquan, chief financial officer, attended the ceremony and cut the ribbon.

In his opening speech, Wang Yan said that bearing the deep care and love of the parent company, but also full of the ideals and expectations of all staff, the medical apparatus and instruments company officially set sail today. The company will live up to expectations, courageously set the trend, based on long-term development, take into account market demand, comprehensively carry out business, and continue to create a digital, omni-channel service provider. For production enterprises, dealers and medical terminals to provide professional, personalized, full-process solutions, go all out to make the equipment company bigger and stronger, lead all staff to bloom brilliance and create resplendence.

Yuan Kehua congratulated the establishment of the medical apparatus and instruments company and placed high expectations. He pointed out that starting from 2020, Liaoning Pharm began to build a patient-centered integrated service solution provider, and the establishment of the equipment company is an important step for the company to build a diversified service system with multi-plate rotation. Yuan Kehua puts forward three hopes for the future of the medical apparatus and instruments company: first, as a subordinate company of SPH, it must abide by the law, comply with the operation and management requirements of SPH, and constantly innovate the product output and service mode. second, I hope that everyone will put in the right position and enter the role as soon as possible, set up a good organizational structure, and explore a service system that can better serve the people of Shenyang in Liaoning province. Third, it is hoped that the Medical apparatus and instruments company will put itself on the development platform of Liaoning Province, serve and contribute to the goal of the 14th five-year Plan of Liaoning Province, and provide greater support for the construction of the company’s 10 billion platform. It is expected that the medical apparatus and instruments company can seize the opportunity, take advantage of the opportunity, build a leading medical device platform enterprise as soon as possible, and greet the 20th CPC National Congress with the attitude of striver.

Then the leaders jointly cut the ribbon for the opening of the medical apparatus and instruments company.