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[Moment of Honor] The trade union of Liaoning Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation was awarded “Family of Model Staff in Shenyang”

Recently, in the selection and recognition of advanced collectives and individuals such as the home of model staff and outstanding trade union staff in 2022 by the Shenyang Federation of Trade unions, the trade union of Liaoning Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation was awarded the honorary title of “Family of Model Staff in Shenyang”.

In recent years, the Liaoning Pharm Trade Union had been centering on the operation and development of the company, improving the organizational structure, strengthening the building of the team, deepening democratic management, safeguarding the rights and interests of staff, promoting the smooth operation of enterprises, and actively building a harmonious and happy home for staff. it has effectively promoted the work of the enterprise to a new level.

Enrich the spiritual home and create a comfortable atmosphere

Enrich the leisure and entertainment equipment in the activity room to meet the needs of employees for fitness equipment and leisure environment.

The staff library provides all kinds of books for employees, which has become the spiritual and cultural home of the majority of employees.

Enhance employee communication and build an interactive platform

Carry out healthy and progressive cultural and sports activities and build an interactive communication platform. Show a vibrant corporate atmosphere and positive staff style, enhance staff cohesion.

Badminton competition

Shenyang staff Rope skipping Competition

“Women’s Day” International Working Women’s Day activities

Summer camp activities for staff children

Care and love for employees and safeguard their rights and interests

Our company’s trade union has always actively safeguarded the vital interests of employees, while the development of the enterprise, at the same time, increase the attention to employees, further care, concern and love for the broad masses of employees, and continue to enhance employees’ happiness index and sense of belonging, promote the harmonious and stable development of the enterprise.

Assume social responsibility and contribute the effort of our trade unions

Over the years, our company has actively devoted itself to public welfare, participated in voluntary activities and charitable donations, carried forward the spirit of caring for and giving back to society, actively assumed social responsibility, and contributed to the construction of a harmonious society.

Our company’s trade union will take this honor as a new starting point, continue to do a good job of bridges and ties between enterprises and employees, be a “good friend” with staff, lead out everyone’s positive energy and dedication, stimulate enthusiasm and cohesion, and protect the healthy and stable development of the enterprise.


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