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Contributing to the society and conveying warmth | LiaoningPharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation practices social responsibility to help revitalize the countryside.

On January 11, 2023, a group led by Chen Guihua, chairman of the trade union of Liaoning Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation, assembled on time in front of our company and were fully prepared to go to Jiucaiyuanzi Village, Baldianzi Town, Huanren County, Benxi City to visit the people in need and send supplies and help them together with the leaders of the provincial drug administration. Since 2010, our company had been paying attention to the poverty alleviation and revitalization of the village, insisting on regular visits and major festive greetings to send warmth and care to them.

At the communication meeting, Chen Guihua learned in detail about the basic situation in the village, and at the same time introduced that since the establishment, Liaoning Pharm had made considerable development and progress with the support of leaders at all levels and the attention of all sectors of the society. Efforts and contributions had also been made to the construction and development of the local economy. However, with the development of the enterprise, our company had always been grateful and actively rewarded the society by providing employment, legal taxation, helping the poor, donation, medical and health construction and other channels to pay attention to the social public welfare and show the responsibility of the enterprise.

Pan Yong, deputy director of the Provincial Drug Administration, affirmed Liaoning Pharm’s responsibility of not forgetting its initial ideals and aspirations to give back to society and actively participate in social welfare over the years. At the same time, he also praised our company’s efforts to ensure drug supply during the anti-epidemic period in the past three years. On behalf of the village committee, secretary Zhou Zunwei expressed gratitude for our company’s help and care over the years, and said that in the new year, with the strong help and care of so many caring enterprises, we will continue to strengthen our confidence and courageously set the tide on the road of rural revitalization and strive to move forward.

Subsequently, under the leadership of village cadres, the group and his party provide rice, white flour, edible oil and other necessities to 72 households, cared about their physical and family living conditions, and encouraged them to maintain an optimistic attitude towards life through unremitting efforts to overcome difficulties and improve their lives.

In terms of fulfilling social responsibility and participating in social public welfare, Liaoning Pharm has never stopped, and in the future, our company will continue to put social responsibility in an important position of corporate development strategy, giving back to society and benefiting the people as an important way to shape corporate image and carry forward corporate spirit, throughout the whole process of enterprise development, reflecting all aspects of enterprise construction, and striving to make a contribution to the construction of social civilization.


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