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Liaoning Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation was established in 1994 and is the holding company of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., Ltd. Over the years, our company has continuously consolidated the foundation of management, adjusted strategic positioning, deepened service innovation, accelerated industrial breakthroughs, focused on market service demand, integrated diversified business models, and took “drug distribution” as the core, based on the “mature terminal network of the three northeast provinces and Inner Mongolia”, we strive to promote diversified businesses such as supply chain extension services, tripartite logistics services, health management services, international trade and new retail to speed up the construction of “smart medicine” service system and gradually transform and upgrade to information-based and digital high-end health service enterprises to create new core competitiveness.

After years of development, the scale of our company continues to expand, business performance and brand reputation in the industry has become increasingly prominent. Our company had won the “credit AAA rating” honor for several years in a row. In 2020, our company continued to maintain multi-format coordinated development, sales reached RMB6.4 billion.In 2021, our company continued to maintain multi-format coordinated development, sales reached RMB7.84 billion.

Our company always takes “persevering and devoting itself to improving people’s healthy quality of life” as our mission, advocates the core values of “innovation, integrity, cooperation, tolerance and responsibility”, and relies on the brand and platform advantages of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., Ltd., we will thoroughly implement the policies of the CPC Central Committee, governments at all levels and superior groups, actively respond to industry changes, and constantly improve the ability of sustainable drug supply and security. Our company strives to provide comprehensive service solutions for upstream and downstream partners, provide customers and patients with more quality, safe and reasonably priced products and services, and make greater contributions to promoting the balanced development of the industry and promoting “healthy China”.

20 Years of Resplendence

Salute to Original Heart with Ingenuity

Our company was put under the administration from Liaoning Provincial Medical Administration to Liaoning International Economic and Technological Cooperation Group Co.
Our company was restructured into a state-owned holding limited liability company and renamed Liaoning Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation
Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., Ltd has a strategic capital increase of 150 million to buy shares in the company and hold a 20% stake in the company.
Logistics Center was stationed in Hunnan GLP Logistics Park, with a storage area of 12000 square meters.
Our company had been officially to be holding subsidiary of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., Ltd
The third phase of the logistics project had been put into use, with a storage area of 18,000 square meters. The sales volume of our company exceeded 5.8 billion yuan, and the annual tax payment exceeded 100 million yuan.
Construction of diversified service system based on multi-plate rotation



Top 100 pharmaceutical business in China

National Integrity Demonstration Unit

Advanced Units with Outstanding Contribution to Economic Development

Enterprise with AAA-level Pharmaceutical Logistics Service Capacity

Best Service Innovation Award of Chinese Pharmaceutical Circulation Industry in the 12th Five Year Plan

Excellent Contribution Enterprise in the 30th anniversary of the setup of Chinese Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medical and Health Products

The Best Quality Management Enterprise of Pharmaceutical Circulation Enterprises in Liaoning Province

Liaoning Integrity Demonstration Unit in the Field of Commerce Circulation

The Fourth Director Unit of Liaoning Pharmaceutical Industry Association

Excellent Health Service Enterprise in Pharmaceutical Circulation Industry of Liaoning Province

Director Unit of Shenyang Pharmaceutical Industry Association

Charity Unit for Helping the Disabled

Excellent Corporate Culture Building Unit

Has gained honors of “Advanced Group” rated by all supervising departments for many years

Has gained “Best Partner”, “Best Distributor”, “Best Capital Reputation”, “Top Sales Performance”, “Best Market Development”, “Best Access Support” and other hundreds of awards from Cooperative suppliers.