Main Business

As an important fulcrum for the construction of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., Ltd ‘s provincial platform in Liaoning Province, our company is actively promoting business such as pharmaceutical distribution and retail, medical device distribution, import and export business, logistics and distribution, gradually to the hospital supply chain extension services, “Internet + Pharmaceutical” services, third-party logistics services, health management services with comprehensive efforts and targeted policy.

Our business variety of medicines are mainly imported medicines and joint venture new special medicine products.

Export business mainly includes pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, chemical raw materials and other products.

Our company cooperates with many leading pharmaceutical companies in the world, and has established sustained and stable trade relations with more than 100 customers in more than 30 countries and regions in the international market.

Innovation Business


Our company continues to promote business transformation and upgrading, deepen service functions, strengthen comprehensive strength, create an Internet-enabled intelligent medical system, and innovate the product and service platform of “Internet+ Medical and Health”.

Medicine Distribution Platform

Our sales network covers Liaoning Province, Jilin Province, Heilongjiang Province, Inner Mongolia and Tianjin.We had established a deep cooperative relationship with more than 1500 suppliers, serving more than 7000 customers, providing fast drug distribution and after-sales service for grade hospitals, retail pharmacies and primary medical institutions, as well as comprehensive and integrated distribution solutions.

“Internet+ Medicine” Platform

Our company explores the format of smart retail, build "Internet +" smart pharmacy, provide comprehensive drug supply and other value-added services, and provide "medical treatment + medicine + insurance" one-stop pharmaceutical service for patients with chronic and special diseases.

Supply Chain Extension Service Platform

The use of information, digital, intelligent and advanced means to continue to provide supply chain extension services, optimize hospital logistics management, drug intelligent storage, drug closed-loop management and other links of lean management, improve the efficiency of drug management and improve the level of service.


Medicine Logistics


We accelerate the construction of modern intelligent logistics to meet market demand and provide practical and effective solutions

  • Leading storage ability

Our storage area is 18,000 square meters, and the drug storage, quality management and transportation system are complete and mature, all in line with GSP standards. Logistics information system and automation system are used interactively to achieve efficient, systematic and safe operation, with an average daily throughput of 6,800 pieces and a peak of 12,000 pieces.

  • Professional Cold Chain Transport

We have our own professional transport vehicles and distribution team, which are equipped with standard refrigeration equipment, monitoring equipment and GPS positioning system to provide customers with professional drug storage and distribution services.

  • Comprehensive Business Coverage

Complete self-owned logistics and third-party logistics are integrated at the same time, the distribution scope continues to expand, and the distribution network extends to the broad market at the grass-roots level, truly achieving “medical special vehicles, safe direct access, customized services” and improving the “last kilometer” service.