China Radio Network reported that our company’s “Internet + Medical and Health” intelligent pharmacy was launched in Hunnan, Shenyang.

The original text is transferred from China Radio Network

Liaoning Province continues to strengthen the construction of “intelligent pharmacy”, encourage hospital prescription dispensing and information sharing, transform the traditional drug security process, and provide one-stop pharmaceutical services for patients. A few days ago, the “Internet + New Retail” intelligent pharmacy was launched in Hunnan District, Shenyang.

The pharmacy, invested by SPH-Liaoning Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Co., Ltd., is a new strategic layout of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., Ltd in the Shenyang industry chain. Starting with the entrance of medical services, diagnosis and treatment, payment, drugs and health management, combined with the innovative model of “Internet +”, we will build an intelligent pharmacy that integrates professional medical services and health intelligence. Many new concepts of healthy life, such as prevention, rehabilitation, health care, health preservation and intelligence, are integrated into it.

In intelligent pharmacy, professional health care and pharmaceutical care are the keys of service, focusing on chronic diseases, optimizing consumer experience with intelligent means, providing people with chronic disease management and chronic disease medication services, using big data to provide drugs that meet the needs of the general public, and carrying out health intervention, health consultation, health medication, health archives and health management for residents who come to buy medicine to really achieve the effect of “prevention before disease, prevention of degeneration”.