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Giving full protection, we state-owned enterprise take the responsibility | Liaoning Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation contentiously works hard to ensure the supply of drugs during the holiday season.

In recent days, the demand for treatment drugs after novel coronavirus infection has increased significantly. In order to ensure the normal supply of drugs and epidemic prevention materials, and to meet the timely distribution of emergency drugs, during the New Year’s Day, our company took the responsibility to start the overnight struggle mode with a strong sense of mission and a high sense of responsibility to serve the drug needs of medical institutions and patients in our province, ensure the continuous supply of drugs during the holiday season, and had completed the delivery of 210 urgent orders and 2808 pieces of drugs in a timely and safe manner in 3 days.

General rear of drug storage and distribution

 The logistics distribution vehicles of Liaoning Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation frequently get in and out at No. 45 Zhuke Street, Hunnan District, in Shenyang. In order to be able to deal with the emergency orders and distribution needs from the medical institutions as soon as possible, our logistics center adopts a 24-hour operation system to carry out all kinds of work in a tense and orderly manner. Although the volume of the delivery during the holiday period has increased by 4.5 times compared with previous week, the emergency drugs requires from various medical institutions in our province had been delivered as scheduled, with the volume of up to 1700 pieces of goods a day. 

The reason why we can maintain efficient drug supply and distribution is due to our company’s comprehensive and standard drug circulation management system. In order to meet the requirements for transport capacity in the process of rapid development of our company, the logistics center actively constructs the most advanced modern logistics base in our province, prepares for the construction of the leading intelligent unmanned sorting warehouse in our province, and the whole reservoir area is equipped with a large central air conditioning system with constant temperature and humidity and a full set of standard modern logistics equipments including three-dimensional warehouse, AGV automatic forklift, electronic label, automatic picking system, wireless handheld equipment for stock in and stock out of the warehouse and inventory checking, wireless receiving equipment, 24-hour temperature and humidity recording and alarm equipment, etc. Unmanned sorting robot system is introduced to realize the sorting mode of goods to people, which greatly improves the work efficiency of the whole process of drug storage, sorting, rechecking, stock out and distribution.

At present, our company is establishing a province-wide three-dimensional transportation network with Shenyang as the main warehouse and Jinzhou, Benxi, Yingkou and Dalian as sub-warehouses, to build a “half-day” logistics distribution system in our province, to help the extension and sinking of transportation and distribution, and to continuously improve the “last kilometer” distribution service.

Make continuous efforts to ensure the supply of drugs during the holiday season

★ 11:00, December 31, 2022

★Emergency drug distribution in Dashiqiao Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

★ 9:00 on January 1, 2023

★ Novel coronavirus therapeutic drug Nirmatrelvir Tablet / Ritonavir Tablets co-packaged (PAXLOVID) arrived at our logistics center warehouse.

★15:00 on January 1, 2023

★ Emergency medication required by the Sixth People’s Hospital, our logistics center responds quickly to overcome the shortage of transportation capacity and delivered the medicine to the destination as quickly as possible.

★20:00 on January 1, 2023

★ Emergency medication required by Jinzhou Central Hospital, and the distribution driver safely delivered the necessary drugs to the hospital that night.

In the face of epidemic, Liaoning Pharm is not afraid of difficulties, taking the lead to serve the people in Liaoning province wholeheartedly, protecting health and safety, building a solid defense line of drug security at critical moments, and taking responsibility with practical actions.


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