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The calligraphy reflects the prosperous times, expressing the gratitude of the party with one heart. To welcome the 20th National Congress of the CPC ,Liaoning Pharm invite you to visit the calligraphy,painting and photography works online !

In order to celebrate the victory of the 20th CPC National Congress, eulogize Communist Party of China’s glorious course, great achievements and extraordinary changes since the 18th CPC National Congress, and at the same time fully demonstrate our company’s positive and high-spirited spirit. Recently, Liaoning Pharm held an online painting and calligraphy exhibition with the theme of ” giving gifts to the 20th CPC National Congress and pursuing a new journey ” to show the elegant demeanor of our country and express patriotic feelings.

Now, let’s go online, enjoy these excellent works brought by employees and some of their children, and feel their love for the party and patriotism.


Calligraphy works


“Welcome the 20th CPC National Congress”

The eternal great cause, the centenary prologue ; Carry forward the past and usher in the future, and show its splendor again. Juqing from Import and Export Department


“The Party is in our heart”

Under the leadership of the Party, the great motherland has changed from fragmentation to splendor. The sleeping lion of the Chinese nation began to awaken and stand on its own among the nations of the world. As a descendant of the Chinese people, I am extremely proud of my motherland and the party. Xing Sudi from Legal Department


“Eulogize our motherland”

From the perspective of military, transportation, network and communication, a telestich to eulogize the changes in people’s life in the past ten years since the 18th CPC National Congress, and expresses his spirit of striving to be strong and positive. Gao Cheng (parent: Logistics Center Ning Xiaolin)


Painting handicraft


“The Party is in our heart”

Five stars shine, all for faith, do not forget the original ideal and ambition, sharpen forward, the founding of the party for a hundred years, in its prime! Wei Guorong (parent: Import and Export Department,Yang Fan )



“Presenting gifts to the 20th CPC National Congress and forge ahead with a new journey.”

Since the 18th CPC National Congress, China’s transportation infrastructure construction has achieved historic leaps and bounds, and achievements have prompted people to forge ahead. China’s space industry has accelerated its development, such as ‘Tianwen’exploring the fire, ‘Chang’e’ rushing to the moon, ‘Tianzhou’carrying the dream , and ‘Beidou’surveying the sky. All these show that China has entered a new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way. On the occasion of welcoming the victory of the 20th CPC National Congress, my daughter and I are willing to contribute to the motherland with the self of youth and struggle. Shi Yi (parent: Bill Center Jiang Fang)



“Never forget the original ideal and ambition to follow the Party.”

Do not forget the initial ideals and aspirations, bear in mind the mission, forge ahead, move forward bravely, and greet the successful convening of the 20th CPC National Congress with confidence. Logistics Center Zheng Ying



“Childlike innocence to the Party”

Our motherland is very great, and we should always listen to the party, feel the party’s gratitude, have a firm belief in following the party, and strive to be a good young man in the new era. I am a “little red flower” of the party, so that the red gene of love of the party and patriotism is firmly rooted in our hearts. Ma Qianchun (parent: Integrated Office Taoye)



“Childlike innocence to the Party”

Childlike innocence to the party, starting from me, from the little things around me, from bit by bit! The happy life we enjoy today is attributed to the heroic sacrifice and struggle of the revolutionary martyrs. The red flag flutters and never fades. Communist Party of China leads us to the light.

We were born under the red flag, grew up in the spring breeze, all for Huaxia; five stars shining, all for faith, childlike innocence to welcome the 20th CPC National Congress, we present gifts for the motherland. The party presents a gift in the hope that our motherland will be stronger and forge ahead on a new journey. Cao Menglu (parent: Logistics Center Liu Yaxin )



“Welcome the 20th CPC National Congress, the party emblem is shining”

From 1921 to 2022, it was the 101st year when Communist Party of China was determined to practice his original heart, 101 years when he laid the foundation, and 101 years when he created resplendence and opened up the future. The party emblem, made up of bright red and bright yellow, is shining. Ornamental column witnessed the splendor and war of the Chinese nation for hundreds of years, and personally participated in the ups and downs among nations, implying that the Chinese nation has a long history. Import and Export Department Ren Tingshuai



“Welcome the 20th CPC National Congress”

The five-star red flag is rising slowly and flying high. Make an affectionate confession to the great motherland and sincerely wish the great motherland more prosperity.Logistics center Zhao Kun



Photographic works


“The most beautiful Lvjiang Village”

Thousands of miles of fertile fields, picturesque rivers and mountains.Majestic mountains and rivers, beautiful autumn, undulating sea of clouds.Every minute and every second on the land of the motherland, there is a different kind of beauty in this land full of red memories.

Photographer Information Center Chang Dan 



 “That touch of red”

Countless times, I looked up, that touch of dazzling red, always fluttering high in the sky of the motherland. Countless times, I look at the future, that touch of dazzling red, always fluttering high in my heart.

Photographer Information Center Zheng Yafang



“Urban beautician”

There is such a group of people, they are the guardians of the clean environment of the city, they always go out early and return late, quietly sweeping away the wind and dust for the streets and alleys of the city, and they have devoted their year and four seasons to their ordinary and unknown posts.

Photographer Purchasing Department Wang Shiwei


The calligraphy reflects the prosperous times and expresses the praise of the party with one heart and one mind.

The authors put the fighting spirit of youth, the pride of striving and the deep feelings of patriotism and love of the party into the works of calligraphy and painting, encouraging the broad masses of employees to forge ahead on a new journey, to shoulder their responsibilities, and to welcome the convening of the 20th CPC National Congress with the attitude of strivers.