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Research and guidance from Security Department of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., Ltd. to Liaoning Pharm

On the morning of October 12, the Deputy General Manager Yu Jianjin, Deputy General Manager Yang Cheng, and Senior Manager Yuan Chuanmin from the security department of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., Ltd. went to Liaoning Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation to research the security work, guide our company to further do a good job in production safety, implement various safety inspection contents, and effectively prevent safety accidents. Wang Peng, manager of the safety and security department of SHP KYUAN, Chen Guihua, Wang Lei,deputy general manager of Liaoning Pharm, and Jiang Dan, director of the comprehensive office and manager of the security department, accompanied the investigation.


At the research meeting, Wang Peng made a detailed report on the current security work in SPH KYUAN, the implementation of safety responsibilities, the progress of the special activity of “Post Woodpecker”, three-year rectification, safety inspection and rectification of hidden dangers, and public security work. It is also pointed out that in the next year,  SPH KYUAN will mainly carry out security work in the following four aspects: deepening the implementation of security responsibilities, continuously promoting the landing of dual mechanisms, training potential personnel for security management, and tamping the foundation of safety and security management.


Chen Guihua first welcomed and thanked all the leaders for their arrival, and then made a major report on the completion of the key security work of Liaoning medical trade at the present stage. He pointed out that the company’s security work mainly revolves around the main line of “zero accident” in production safety and “no risk” in public security, strengthening the construction of quality safety and safety education, and strictly grasping the investigation and management of hidden dangers, safety risk assessment and the construction of public security system, to enhance the whole staff’s awareness of safety risks and the ability to deal with emergencies, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of the company. He said that each inspection and guidance of the group is a rare opportunity for Liaoning Pharm to learn and improve, which is conducive to the continuous improvement and improvement of the company and the implementation of the group’s work requirements for safety, security and fire control.


After listening to the report, Yu Jianjin stressed that enterprises should focus on how to build the system and how to implement the contents of the system, and strengthen the staff’s understanding of the system in order to do a good job. It is necessary to always put production safety in the top priority, focus on key points, difficulties, and key issues, do a solid job in the investigation of hidden dangers in production safety, make overall efforts to do a good job in production safety, epidemic prevention and control, and production and operation, and constantly improve the safety level of enterprises.


Yang Cheng pointed out that when establishing and revising the system, enterprises must take into account the actual situation, adhere to the unity of “stability” and “change”, and have their own models and characteristics in the construction of the system and structure. While innovating working methods, we must pay attention to the risks that may arise, and do not lose the big because of the small. The two-tier companies should implement the main responsibility and make joint efforts to do a good job in safety, fire fighting and security work, so as to protect the development of the company.


Yuan Chuanmin made comments and guidance on the contents of the work report throughout the process, and conducted extensive communication and exchanges from the aspects of job list compilation, system construction and revision, internal process control, standardization system construction, and improvement of management ability and level.

In the current period, Liaoning medical trade pays more attention to the investigation and management of all kinds of hidden dangers, strictly implements the requirements of security, ensures that the company’s production safety work is strong and orderly, and firmly adheres to the bottom line and red line of production safety.