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Guo Jurong, executive president of Shanghai Pharma University, and his party came to Liaoning Pharm to research and guide the work.

On November 15, Guo Jurong, executive president of Shanghai Pharma University, and Zhang Liqiang, Shan Nan, Zhang Jun, teaching management managers of Shanghai Pharma University, came to Liaoning Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation to do the research about the development of the enterprise. guide enterprises in the process of digging management cases how to mine the internal and external conditions of in-depth and accurate value information mining. Yuan Kehua, general manager of our company, Chen Guihua and Wang Lei, deputy general manager, Chen Qiudong, chief financial officer, and heads of relevant business departments accompanied the discussion. The functional departments from the headquarters also participated in the meeting online.


At the research meeting, Yuan Kehua first extended a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to President Guo and his party on behalf of Liaoning Pharm. Subsequently, he made a detailed report on the company’s development process, social responsibility, market coverage, operation and management, compliance management, logistics system construction, service system construction and the next development direction. General mananger Yuan said that since joining SPH, Liaoning Pharm had focused on market demand, management services, and value enhancement, and its business performance has improved steadily. Our company has felt unprecedented opportunities for development. In the future, our company will continue to innovate and seek change, enhance the enterprise’s high-quality development ability, and continue to build service-oriented and platform-oriented enterprises. We also hope that today’s research and exchange can provide Liaoning Pharm greater technical support and development power, stimulate new thinking in the process of business case collation and mining, so that we can go further.

Deputy General Manager Wang Lei, Information Center Director Li Zan, Purchasing Director Yan Shi, Financial Management Director Xu Guangquan, Hospital sales Director Wang Jing, Distribution Department Director Wang duo, Legal Department Manager Li Jing, Import and Export Director Kong Deqiang respectively reported on supporting business development.


Guo Jurong listened to the preparation and progress of our company’s operation and management cases, the business development supported by each module, the operation and management characteristics of each business segment of the company, as well as the achievements made in the process of the company’s development. He pointed out that through this survey, they have learned about the control of strategy and the grasp of opportunities in the rapid development of medical trade in Liaoning. The case of operation and management is to focus on the key issues in operation and management, accurately grasp the key nodes, dig out the reasons and factors behind the reverse growth of enterprises in the internal and external environment, and really sum up good experience and model. fully show the development achievements and cultural value of our company.